Work with Zeal, Manage with Intelligence

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Work with Zeal, Manage with Intelligence

Add intelligence to Project Management with zymmr

A low-code, AI-driven platform that offers a flexible, intelligent, and cost-effective approach toward project management.

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Value Proposition   |   Project Management tool with batteries included


Zymmr leverages advanced AI and ML capabilities to deliver an intelligent tool, providing greater value than traditional systems

Cutting Edge

Zymmr is a cutting edge tool that offers advanced features and capabilities not found in traditional systems, delivering more value to customers

Supports Agile Planning

Plan sprints, Estimate Stories , Log Time and generation of reports


Zymmr's framework is designed to accommodate both enterprise and cloud positioning, allowing for greater flexibility and agility in deployment

Data Mining

Harvesting valuable insights from project data for prediction, estimation, planning & action recommendation

Cost Efficient

Zymmr is a streamlined tool with all the necessary features included, so customers don't need to spend additional dollars to configure it.

Zymmr logo project management tool

Intelligent & Low Code Agile Project Management Platform

Batteries Included

AI & ML applied to Project data. Adding intelligence into Agile planning.

Zymmr Project Management Tool

Cost Savings

All features as a part of the core (thereby eliminating incremental costs by way of add-ons)

Why Zymmr?

Are you growing increasingly frustrated with the inflexible licensing models and the excessively high costs linked to add-ons? Do you believe that the realm of project management should adopt more intelligent and supportive features? At Zymmr, we understand the challenges you're confronting and have introduced a smarter project management platform precisely tailored to tackle these issues head-on.

Inflexible Licensing

High Costs of Addons



Intelligent & ML Driven

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Ziyana Software

Ziyana Software is a product development team aiding Agile teams to manage their projects with zeal and analytics. Our product ZYMMR offers a tool to manage software teams using Agile and Non-Agile methods. Aided by ML the tool provides intelligence in the area of Estimations and risk tracking.